Never Stop Believing In Yourself! | Tom Bilyeu | #Shorts

Tom Bilyeu

Being honest even when it sucks because let me tell you how many times it’s gonna be where if you just lied oh god it would be so much easier and you would probably get away with it and but it the way that i explain lying to people is you get away with it 50 of the time and so it tempts you to think it’s a good strategy but the other 50 of the time it is cratering trust and once you can’t trust the person all hope is lost and there’s nothing more beautiful than being in a relationship with somebody who makes you feel like they’re your number their number one and that you totally trust them and Lisa wrote this um Instagram post about how she could see a photo of me with my arm around a woman or resting my head or hugging her or whatever and she it wouldn’t even make her radar to question it so that’s the fun for us is having that level of trust

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