205 Loans made to date to 3rd World countries via Kiva.org

As of 6/22/2016
$5,150 loaned
205 loans made

It’s my pleasure you share with you what I consider a great achievement. Helping people around the world is a goal of mine and thanks to Kiva.org and microloans my family and I are able to help others. I highly recommend that you share in the giving and invest in others as well.

Show people how to fish for them to live a better life. Every loan I make via Kiva, I get paid back and then I re-lend that same money again and again. Been doing that for six years now. Each loan I make is for $25 but you can select larger amounts.

My personal funding goal for year 2020 is to have lent $20,000 (cumulative) in loans to people in need.



Image credit: http://www.smritibank.com/micro-finance

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