Goodbye Europe: Last Day on the Cruise and Heading Home!

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✎ Join Evan Carmichael and Nina on their last day of their European cruise adventure. Watch as they spend a full day at sea, balancing work and relaxation. The couple shares their experiences, from ice cream treats to their final dinner on the ship. Evan and Nina also discuss their sleeping habits and the excitement of returning home.

Follow their journey as they disembark in Hamburg and prepare for their flight back to Toronto. Evan takes you through their airport experience, including a long wait time and a rush to catch their connecting flight in Frankfurt. See how they handle jet lag and exhaustion during their travel day, which ends with a late-night arrival at home.

Back in Toronto, Evan jumps right into his routine with early morning walks. He introduces his new challenge: walking with a 75-pound rucksack. Evan shares details about his upcoming trip to Arizona for a Mastermind event. This video captures the end of one adventure and the beginning of another, showcasing the Carmichaels’ busy lifestyle and love for travel.

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