How to be SUCCESSFUL in Life – a Step by Step Process That WORKS!

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✎ Success is all about taking control of your life and making deliberate choices. In this video, Evan Carmichael shares his journey from being an introverted student with landscaping jobs to becoming a successful entrepreneur and YouTube influencer. He emphasizes the importance of setting clear goals and taking responsibility for your actions to achieve your dreams. Evan introduces eight key steps that helped him, including goal-setting, positive mindset development, consistent action, continuous learning, building strong relationships, effective time management, maintaining physical and mental health, and embracing failure as a learning opportunity.

Evan dives deep into each of these steps, providing personal anecdotes and actionable advice. For instance, he discusses how his initial goal of interviewing Tony Robbins took years of persistence and value-adding efforts before it finally happened. He also highlights the significance of a positive mindset, sharing how Garen Jones transformed his life by changing his mindset from one of defeat to one of possibility. Additionally, Evan talks about the importance of taking consistent action, illustrated by his own experience of making over 700 YouTube videos before he felt confident in his content.

By focusing on these strategies, Evan aims to help viewers shortcut their path to success. He believes that the challenges you face can shape your purpose, and by overcoming them, you can help others do the same. Whether it’s setting small, specific goals or managing your time effectively, each step is designed to move you closer to your dreams. Watch this video to learn from Evan’s experiences and get inspired to take control of your life and achieve your own version of success.

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