How to STOP Making Financial MISTAKES That Keep You POOR!

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✎ In this insightful video, we dive deep into the strategies of Ryan Levesque, the best-selling author of “Ask” and “Choose.” Ryan shares his expertise on understanding your market by asking the right questions to the right people. He emphasizes the importance of knowing your audience’s needs and frustrations to serve them better. Learn how the Ask Method can transform your business approach by focusing on your audience’s emotional drivers.

Ryan Levesque recounts his personal journey from working in finance to becoming a successful entrepreneur. He explains how he transitioned from a high-stress job in China to building multiple businesses using his unique method. Ryan’s story highlights the trials and triumphs of starting a business, including his initial failure with the Scrabble tile jewelry market and his eventual success in teaching orchid care and memory improvement. His experiences underline the importance of choosing the right market and being adaptable in the face of challenges.

Throughout the video, Ryan also discusses his book “Choose,” which guides entrepreneurs in selecting the right market for their business. He reveals the seven key factors that determine market success, including evergreen markets, enthusiast markets, and solving urgent problems. Ryan’s insights provide valuable lessons for anyone looking to start or grow their business, ensuring they make informed decisions that lead to long-term success. Don’t miss this comprehensive interview that is sure to inspire and educate aspiring entrepreneurs!

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