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✎ In this transformative episode of “Money Revealed,” you’ll dive deep into the world of investing, money management, and achieving financial freedom with the wisdom of Robert Kiyosaki and Roger Hamilton. Discover why saving money in a traditional sense might not be the best strategy in today’s economy and how the concept of “good debt” can actually work in your favor to build wealth. Learn about the power of investing in assets that pay for themselves, like real estate, and the significance of understanding the flow of money and managing it through what Roger Hamilton describes as the Wealth Lighthouse.

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” shares his journey from being homeless with his wife Kim to becoming multimillionaires by teaching financial education. He emphasizes the importance of investing in what you love and how creating assets, rather than accumulating liabilities disguised as assets, is key to financial success. Kiyosaki also discusses the pivotal role of education in understanding money management and the dangers of the current education system that prepares individuals to be employees rather than entrepreneurs.

Roger Hamilton, on the other hand, presents a future-focused approach to entrepreneurship and wealth creation. He introduces the Wealth Lighthouse, a guide to achieving success and fulfillment in business and life. Hamilton’s methodology stresses the importance of self-awareness, self-mastery, and self-expression in the entrepreneurial journey. He challenges the traditional employment mindset and encourages viewers to embrace technology and innovation to solve global challenges and create meaningful, profitable ventures.

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