has been launched! has been launched after five years of working on this social project. The purpose of is to share with my friends and extended family the investments in microfinance that my family and I have made to help others that reside mostly in third world countries. We look to provide an example of how you too with as little as $25 can make a loan to someone in need. The best part about this if that they will pay you back and you can re-lend the money again and again helping more people. I like to call this  method of helping other like the famous “I will show you how to fish so that you could eat for a lifetime, not give you the fish for you to eat one day”. A few dollars lent over and over again over years can create a big impact over time to dozens of people. We have been able to lend about $3,000 over the past five years with just several hundred dollars in the bank. We use, a non-profit based out of California and lend via their established microfinance network to 16 countries.

With and all the underlying work we are doing our intention is to help others have an opportunity for a better life. This is in many ways the story of my family. We came to the United States from Cuba for a better life and liberty and after 20 years we are slowly but surely getting there. We need to help others in order to improve our world. This should be a universal human principal.

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