This Is How To Stop Worrying | Warren Buffett | #Shorts

Warren Buffett

When I was in high school I really only had two things on my mind girls and cars and and I wasn’t doing very well with girls so we’ll talk about cars but let’s just imagine that when we finish I’m gonna let each one of you pick out the car of your choice sounds good doesn’t it pick it out any color you name it it’ll be tied up with a bow and it’ll be at your house tomorrow and you say well what’s the catch and the catch is that it’s the only car you’re going to get in your lifetime now what are you going to do knowing that that’s the only car you’re ever going to have and you love that car you’re going to take care of it like you cannot believe now what I’d like to suggest you’re not going to get only one car in your lifetime but you’re going to get one body and one mind

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